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Legacy players and DIYers have taken credit cards and rewards programs as far as they could. We’ll take it from here.


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Our turnkey Branded and Co‑branded credit card programs are digital first, mobile centric, and highly configurable.


Go to market
in 90 days

Most credit platform companies take 18-24 months. We’re cloud-based, so you can be up and running in as little as 90 days.



With our flexible data architecture, just about anything you can think of is up for configuration: features, functionality, rewards, perks, and economics.


Underwrite smarter, not harder

Who wants to mine 2.5 billion data elements while underwriting? Nobody. So we make a machine do it. A 5th-gen AI machine that learns as it goes.


Deserve is the only credit card program of its kind.

We’re cloud-based, API-centric, and expert navigators of the regulatory landscape. Simply put, we’re more nimble and more knowledgeable.

  • If we can move from a contract signing to a product that is working in less than 6 months — that will be a new standard in the industry.

    Raymond J. Quinlan Exective Chairman & CEO, Sallie Mae
  • Deserve was able to quickly implement a full credit card program for both our students and alumni that makes sense for the members of the NJIT community.

    Joel S. Bloom NJIT President

    The ever-growing list of our partners’ industries:

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    • Banks and financial services
    • Fintechs
    • Digital native brands
    • Consumer brands
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